Saturday, November 30, 2019

Rainbows in the Sky

Thursday, November 28, 2019 (continued)

I think I mentioned that today would be a quiet day and it was. Well except for later in the day when the wind picked up followed by some heavy rain. Here inside the Stinger "B" it was warm and cozy. I ended up making a pumpkin pie, well it is Thanksgiving no turkey but we do have pie, with a Keto recipe I have. I put it in regular pie crust for Tom and that was a waste. Neither one of us is eating the pie crust. Note to self in the future make it crustless. Tom ran into town to get ice. Fingers crossed we get some good news on Monday or we may need to invest in another good cooler, two of the ones we have are not for long term cooling just for taking on a day trip or picking up groceries. 

As the morning progressed the clouds started
to disperse and we saw blue sky.

Then around noon we could see the storm coming our way
from the south and the wind kicked up some what.

Yet looking towards the north there was blue sky and sun.

Plus, the sun was still shining over us.

Then we experienced sun showers and rainbows.
This one appeared around 12:30.

To the north the dark shadows in the mountains are beautiful.

The mountains to the east have disappeared into the storm.

Looking towards Dome Rock in the distance sunshine.

This rainbow appeared around 2:30 and

then about 10 minutes later I could faintly see
as short second one above it.

The one above faded and then this one appeared
a little after 3:00.

The mountains to the east are starting to reappear.

Looking to the west

then north.

Big fluffy clouds on the horizon looking south.
By now the wind had really picked up and I took this
through our small kitchen window . I was surprised
to find I had actually gotten a picture.

Looking South out the front window.
Just a hint of pink touching the tops of the clouds.

Not long after the last picture the wind seemed to shift or just really picked up and we were rocking. We already had all our slides in so Tom started up the Stinger "B" and aimed her nose into the wind. Just after total darkness the rain started and it came down hard. It was still raining when we went to bed but not as hard. I woke up once during the night and could still here it coming down. Tom went out once to move the car to the other side of the motorhome and he said in the car lights he could see the wash was filled and moving.

Friday, November 29, 2019

We awoke this morning to sunny skies and some wind but nothing like last night. The desert is again dry around us. When we drove in to Quartzsite the road was dry but we could see the washes filled on either side of the road. There was a sign up at  Kuehn Street stating the road was closed. So there must have been water across at the wash just past the vendors.

I did not venture outside today until we were taking off
to run into Quartzsite. We wanted to pick up water and
needed a couple of groceries.
Looking out towards the south

north and west

then towards the east.
Beautiful sunny sky but with the wind it was chilly out.

Just liked the clouds

late this afternoon

and the shadows they created in the mountains.

The sun going down

and some like pink color in the clouds

as the last of today's light fades into darkness.

It was a good day. The best part, Black Friday does not seem to have found its way here. Of course, the fact that there are no big stores here may have something to do with it.

Side note: Like always parked out here we have been hearing coyotes at night. It sounds like there are more of them and that they are venturing closer in.

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  1. The good news is you have all the time you want to get groceries and ice. Not so fun I imagine, but at least there's no rush. The rains there can be scary. They also produce the most beautiful pictures! Hoping you stay high and dry.

    1. We had been in this same spot last year in a heavy rain so we figured we would be good and we were... It would have been nicer during the day to see the wash moving instead of just hearing the rain come down at night.
      Yes you are right about no is just annoying to have to keep everything cold this way. Oh well there are worse things in life. This is just a little bump.

  2. Beautiful pictures Deb. Rainbows fascinate me. Sometimes purple appears which is really cool! Doubles are a real treat too and we are seeing more of them lately. I think we've only been in the desert of the Q once when it rained and it didn't last and it didn't fill the washes. It would be scary.

    1. Thank you, Patsy.
      I love seeing rainbows and to have 3 appear was great. I stood in the sprinkling of rain for a bit hoping the double one would darken and extend but it didn't. Last year when we were here, and right were we are it does not get very deep or wide, I was surprised just how much of a current there was in the small wash by us.

  3. We were wondering how you survived the storm, glad to hear everything is okay. Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Wonderful photos Deb. Like you folks, we are happy to be away from the rush of Black Friday shoppers. I think we'll stay away until Monday or Tuesday just to be safe.

    1. Thank you, Deb.
      I am not sure how safe shopping will be between now and December 24th the shopping frenzy has begun. Then, of course the 26th becomes the mad house of returns and discounts on Christmas decorations, cards, paper, etc...LOL You and Riley stay safe.

  5. I think the whole country is getting rain and snow. Hopefully it dries up soon. The pictures of your area are pretty.

    1. Thank you, Doug, it is a pretty area and we do like being parked here.
      I think you are right about the whole country. I know our daughter said, back home everything is pretty much closed including the highways out of town. Hope you have good travel weather to leave.

  6. Pictures are lovely! Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving, quiet..Love the pic titled sunset! Just too pretty!

  7. Love the quiet desert skies there we sure are missing them

    1. I know what you mean about the desert skies. It is does not matter clear blue, white fluffy clouds, dark grey ones, it always beautiful.
      We think of you both often and miss knowing you are out here.