Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Cold, Snowy Day in Santa Rosa, NM

December 29, 2018

Today was not a very exciting day. Except maybe for the people we give our money to. They all got paid, Tom did bills.

I started reading a story in a Select Edition of a Reader's Digest Condensed Book. I use to get these years ago and when we were getting rid of "stuff" I found one I had never opened. What I had liked about getting these was I could sample the works of four authors and if I liked there writing I would then head to the library and pick up more of there books to read.

It snowed lightly most of the day and at one point there were those big fluffy snowflakes coming down. The temperature stayed in the 20's during the day. The good news we are saving on ice in the cooler. (In a situation like this you have to look at the bright side.)

Big fluffy flakes coming down.

That was our cold and quiet day. Though inside the Stinger "B" we were warm.
Hope your day was a good one.


  1. Nice that you are toasty warm and the cold weather a bonus for your ice situation in the cooler. Hopefully you can get your fridge replaced sooner than later. Only in the 50's here but very windy, thanks goodness no snow. Wait out the snow and when the roads clear your can head to lower elevation and warmer temps.

  2. That's a lot of snow. Hopefully the weather improves and you can be safely on your way soon. Stay warm and safe travels.

  3. Stay warm you two. Bright sides are the way to go and you'll soon be warm outside too. Yeuch, snow!! Kiss it goodbye! :)

  4. Glad you are saving on Ice but hoping your Fridge is fixed soon and you are on your way to warmer climates. Looking forward to meeting up again.
    Be Safe waiting for the snow to melt and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.