Monday, December 31, 2018

A Long Day Brought Us to Deming, NM

December 30, 2018

Before you start to read this post I give you fair warning there is picture over load and all of them were taken through the windshield of the Stinger "B" which got dirtier as the day progressed.

It was about 7:35AM when we pulled out of Santa Rosa Campground.
The sun was shining and the sky was blue.

About 10 minutes later we were driving up the ramp and on to I-40.

The roadway looked pretty good and traffic was moving.
We did see this trailer in the median the tractor was gone.
Hopefully, that means the driver was okay.

Then ahead we could see this cars, RV's and semis as far as we could see.

This was pretty much our view for the next 2 hours.
We saw quite a few semis pulled over and stopped on the shoulder.
We watched one pull a sheriff"s truck out of the ditch.
I for whatever reason watched and never took a picture. 

A couple of pictures of what we were riding on.

These signs were out our window for a long time today.
Lots of money spent on billboards.

At one point I wanted to check how fast we were moving.
Only 8 minutes to go that mile.

Towards the end the roadway was completely covered and then
we could see some of it was melting.

Then the roadway was fairly clear and traffic started to move again.
A note: the traffic going East was moving pretty steady this whole time.

Then there was another short slow down and we saw this.  They were being
pulled out as we went by and we could see the couple in the truck..
From what we could see their rig was fine, also.
There was also a semi on the other side of them.

Another slow down this time when we got to the reason we found two wreckers
in the right lane getting ready to pull a semi out of the ditch.
Again I failed to take a picture.

A 4% grade but the road was pretty dry by this time.

About 25 miles west of Albuquerque it really was beautiful driving through here.

Finally going through Albuquerque.

Then ahead our exit.

After 5 and a half hours of driving, this time includes a stop for diesel, we turned South on to I-25 and clear dry pavement. It was beautiful to see.

We had heard that Belen had gotten quite a bit of snow and as we
drove by we could see that was true. You cannot tell in the pictures but
the trees and bushes were beautifully covered in the white stuff.
The roadway though was still clear and dry.

If we could have taken the cut across we would have come out right by this
RV Park. We have stayed here in the past.

Stopping for lunch.

We saw quite a few of these signs today..

The roadway is still clear as we drive through Nogal Canyon.

Then there was no more of the white stuff.

Turning onto NM 26 towards Hatch, NM the Chili Capitol and Deming, NM.

The sun setting on what ended up being a beautiful day.

I have no quote for today. We are just thankful for the prayers and good wishes we received on here and  Facebook they are what we truly believe brought us safely through. We are grateful for the total slowdown that kept us all safe driving through the icy conditions. We had heard there were several bad accidents along this stretch during this storm  so, yes, we truly are thankful for that. The best part was this slowdown was not caused by an accident.
I am personally thankful that Tom had the confidence and belief that everything would be okay, he said it to me several times those first 5 and a half hours. He drove for a good 2 hours in icy road conditions, granted we were moving slowly but it was icy and snow packed just the same and knowing I was scared he remained calm the whole time. It was a long day driving for him but he got us to Deming, NM safe and sound.
All of us who drive/ride in RV's, just like the semis, encounter a lot close calls with vehicles on the roadway and adding bad road conditions does not help but except for one vehicle who kept switching lanes everyone else riding next to us today seemed to just accept this is what it was and there was no changing it.  (By the way we never lost sight of that vehicle until the roadway opened up in front of us.)

One last note: we will never come this way, at this time of the year, again. It does not matter what the weather guessers predict we will not do it. We have learned a valuable lesson.

So that was our yesterday. In the end a good day. 
We hope  you had a good memory making day.
Within the hour we will be merging on to I-10 and making our way to Arizona. 
We are glad you took the time to stop by and see what we are up to.


  1. Wow! You had one heck of a drive yesterday and I am so grateful for the blessings you received to get you through. Tom did amazing and it matters how calm our drivers are, as to how their freaking out passengers react. :D Great job! It doesn't matter how long it took, really, you made it.
    Yay! to reaching no snow sights and I-10 and very soon ARIZONA!
    Happy New Year's Eve Tom and Deb. Hugs coming through the suns rays. :)

    1. (((Hugs))) being sent back your way.
      Yeah to the snow being behind us...:)

  2. Great pics Deb and great job driving Tom! What a day that was, but the best part I liked was how you're grateful for the slow down! A lot of people would never see it that way :) Here's to safe travels and warmer temps! Be seeing you soon! :)

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you and Ken soon.

  3. Congrats to both of you. You make a wonderful team and each day is a team effort. It's amazing how you can just drive around a corner or over a hill and there is no more white stuff.
    The picture with the semi and the truck with the tow behind in the ditch. I'm thinking in the snow the semi simply drove off the road, not being able to tell where he was and the truck/camper just followed the lights.
    Happy New Year's Eve to both of you. Continued safe travels!!!!

    1. Thank you. It was amazing to merge onto I-10 and it was so dry and clear.
      Happy New Year to you and Riley and stay safe.

  4. Quite the busy day and Tom handled it just the way he should have.
    Kathy also gets Engrossed in things that she forgets to take pictures.
    Hopefully you will soon be hearing that the House is sold so you never will travel under those conditions again.
    Wishing you both a Safe and Happy New Year wherever you are.

    It's about time.

    1. Tom did handle the day well. Like Kathy I am watching then afterwards I think I should have taken a
      I hope you are right and the house is gone soon.
      Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year, also.

  5. I wouldn't give up on the route too soon, these conditions are unusual. (I did wonder about the US 54/60 cutoff you have mentioned. I hadn't heard about any closures on those routes, whereas I-40 was closed Saturday.) And, let's be realistic, can happen almost anywhere and any time. Being prepared and able to roll with the punches as you did is the only real answer.

    1. Hi Creigh, Thanks for your comment. We are not giving up on this route I am sure we will use it again, just not in December. We actually have friends who have a second home in Belen. As far as we heard you are right they never did shut down the US 54/60 cutoff but looking at road conditions they were snow covered and icy especially up by Mountainair and we now how hilly that road is and we did not want to chance not being able to get the motorhome up one of them. You are so right these conditions can happen anywhere anytime but the owner of the campground we where at said this time of the year can be especially bad in this area. We are from snow country and have driven through a lot over the years so believe me we know how to drive in it but being in a motor home is another story. In the end we made it through safely and we hope everyone else out there did the same.

  6. You finally made it safely to Deming, should be good sailing now. We don't even care for that route in November you just never know. Being in a motorhome in those traffic slowdowns is a bonus you and food and a washroom right there when needed. Arizona is just down the road and you have much better travelling now. Happy New to you guys on the road.

    1. Thanks, George. You are so right about being in the motorhome being a bonus when you are in a slowdown. We have made it into Arizona and hopefully the snow is memory behind us.

  7. So glad you arrived safely and can put that day behind you!

  8. I'm always thankful for lots of slow traffic in those conditions, because I can go at a snails pace, feeling much more comfortable. On the other hand, I would still be parked in the snow until spring arrived!!! I'm glad the worst is behind you!

    1. I know the snails pace did not bother us at all. It made it easier for Tom because I was
      It is so nice to be in the warmer weather.

  9. I saw a convertible in the vehicle line up.. top up.. but still..

  10. I’m the guy running the wrecker in your picture with the camper and pickup