Thursday, December 27, 2018

It Is Raining

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Travel day and we slept in until 6:00AM and when we got up it was raining. Tom finished getting us ready to leave between really hard rains when it was only a steady downpour. Hooking the Jeep up was fun. Lets just say we got wet. We finally pulled back onto I-40 heading west around 9:30AM leaving Sayre behind. It was still raining.

The highway ahead rain fog and a general grey day.

I finally got two pictures of windmills today. They may be through a rain
covered windshield and a side window with reflections but I got them.
I do love seeing the windmills.

We are in Texas. I missed the sign. I did catch the Big Texan through
the rain covered window.

What I did miss was the Leaning Water Tower. It was that foggy and I never saw it.

Did I mention it was foggy?
These wind turbines have no heads.

Then all of a sudden as we were going through Amarillo it was like
someone turned on a light and we could see blue sky.

Then we were west of Amarillo and could see the Cadillacs on our left.

After we stopped at a picnic area just past Vega, TX the sky started to look
pretty dark and not long after this picture we were in a hail storm.

The road was covered in hail  and I did not think to take a picture. When the first one hit I thought the truck passing us had thrown up a rock. They were good size hail stones. 

We have made it to New Mexico.

Our stop for the day.

We are in Tucumcari, NM at the Blaze In Saddle RV Park. I read on the Passport America that three brothers bought this place about 8 months ago and have been fixing it up ever since. You can see all their hard work and it is still a work in progress. I saw one of the owners busy fixing something at one of the sites while Tom went in and registered. It is a clean park and the sites all look pretty level. We were chatting with one of the owners after he brought us to our site, it was the first time we ever followed someone riding a bike, and he was saying they have done a lot but there is still a lot to do.
Interesting side note: When Tom went in to register one of the owners was wearing a Navy hat and Tom mentioned he was in the Navy, also. I was out in the Stinger "B" during this time wondering what had happened to him. Ends up they were in a lot of the same places at the same time so they were comparing notes.

They even gave us a treat.

So ended our day and when we went to bed we could hear the rain on the roof.

Hope you had a good day.
We are glad you stopped by. 

One small addition: It is Thursday, December 27th, what we hope will be another travel day, we were up at 5:00AM to very wet snow on the ground. We will be waiting until sunrise at 7:02 to decide what to do today. Checking ahead to Santa Rosa, where we turn off of I-40 and work our way to I-25 heading south, it says they have snow, also. According to the weather app they are going to get hit with 1 to 3 inches between tonight and tomorrow so we are hoping this dries up enough so we can get out of here this morning. It is turning into an interesting year. I guess the above quote I chose for to the blog last night was appropriate.


  1. You are making good time , continued safe travels and hope the snow does not slow you down too much.

    1. Yes, we were making good time but the snow has brought us to a grinding halt. I guess we are suppose to really slow down.

  2. Praying the weather holds until you get lower in altitude. You're almost there!!!

    1. Yes, we were so close. Not the first time I have used those words this year. Just a short delay we will get there.

  3. You're getting closer! Too bad about the wet weather and snow. Wishing you a good travel day so keep on trucking.

    1. It was a pretty good travel day, all 52 miles...:) Just one of those things you cannot control and need to accept.

  4. Wow, you folks are moving right along. Safe travels!!!

    1. We really were moving right along and the road ahead looked clear until...the lovely weather front hit. I guess we needed a rest.

  5. Always interesting to run into someone who traveled the same paths you did. It is like a Fraternity.
    Hoping the rest of you travels are Safe even if it means staying put for a few days.
    Enjoy the warmer temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. It is an interesting Journey and meeting new people along the way is what makes it wonderful. We agree sometimes staying put is the safest way to go.

  6. Things that you don't plan sometimes turn into the most interesting adventures. If the snow keeps you there it is for a reason. Maybe you can have a snowball fight or do snow angels. Be a kid again. Just some ideas. I love the quote and perhaps you should make it a permanent fixture on your site. The sunshine is just around the next bend I'm sure. Safe Travels.

    1. We agree, more then once the detour or unplanned "plan" lead to the best adventures. Tom checked it is not snowball making snow...:(. I know one thing this stop will make us appreciate the sunshine and warmth that much more.
      (I never thought of making a favorite quote a permanent fixture on our site. Thanks for the idea.)

  7. Hope your weather improves. Maybe Michigan was sorry to see you leave so it sent some snow your way!
    Travel safe and enjoy the ride.

    1. Thanks, Dave, we hope so to. Michigan really needs to keep its snow in