Thursday, March 16, 2023

A Quiet Day at Coyote Howls....(Catch Up Post)

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Our day started slowly and never really picked up speed. We had our coffee and then just relaxed. Tom mentioned he had a couple of things he wanted to take care of and I decided another do nothing day was in order. I did take a few pictures and they are below.

Mountains to the South of us.

These mountains are to the North of us and
we can see them out our front window.

Every time I looked out the front window today
the shadows were changing on the mountains.

Zooming in on the mountains to the North I was able to 
pick up the green and yellow crawling up the mountainside.

Looking East when we sit out on our patio.

These little purple flowers out our door
are smaller then a dime.

More of the views

to the South of us.

The sun going down on our day.

We had been sitting out enjoying the sunshine for a couple of hours later today but as the sun headed down it took its warmth with it and it was time to come in.

I had said at the beginning of the post Tom planned on taking care of a few chores around our home today and one of them he ended up doing was taking off the sheet of window tinting that was on our entrance door's window. It had begun to crack badly and needed to be gone. I went through more of our pictures today and that was about it. I have enjoyed these last couple of days basically just relaxing with my feet up either inside our home or sitting outside on our patio. Mostly do nothing days are important to enjoy every once and a while just because. 

Monday, March 13, 2023 (Moving Day....Catch Up Post)

We were up before the sun this morning. There are things that need to be secured for traveling and I wanted to get the bedroom done before the sunrise. So while Tom made our coffee I did just that.  I stepped out just before the sun popped over the mountains. and when I saw Deb walking towards our Patio I noticed the moon. She sat down and we chatted for awhile. It was one of those good sitting out mornings and the company made it even better. Deb made the first move knowing we needed to finish up packing and Tom started putting the rest of our outside stuff away. When all that was left to pick up was the rug and the chair I was sitting in I knew I could not put it off any longer I needed to go in and finish getting the inside ready to travel.

Soon it was time to hook the Jeep up to the Stinger "B", check the lights, and the roll. Turning towards the Igloo I could see Deb and Riley walking our way. After hugs all around and several see you laters along with some safe travel wishes it was time to get in the Stinger "B" and head out to I-8 were Tom pointed her nose East. 

The plan was to pull out at 10 o'clock our wheels were rolling about 10:05. Since, there is no time clock to punch in retirement we left right on time.

The moon and sunrise this morning

As we pulled out onto the road I had Tom stop so I could take
a picture. The two little tiny people on the left are Deb and Riley.
I could see them waving, Tom hit the horn and we were off.

The middle picture is of a Prickly Pear with some pink buds.
Upper left is what I think looks like someone doing the "crane".
Upper right the road towards Ogilby Road.

Ogilby Road needs some major help.

The Imperial Sand Dunes in the distance.

Just a few miles down the Interstate and we are back in Arizona
and going by Yuma. I always enjoy, upper left, seeing those
Arizona "Palm Trees".

Telegraph Pass in the Gila Mountains
Middle left picture we are about to go under I-8 West
and we will be switching sides.

Coming out the other side of Telegraph Pass and heading

down the views are beautiful.

Just ahead we will switch back to the right side.

There is a lot of traffic on I-8.

Waving at our friends, Elva and Jerry, who have a place in Welton.

Pictures of some of the views along our way.

We could see yellow, orange, purple, and white wildflowers
along the edge of the highway. 

We stopped at the Pilot Travel Center in Gila Bend for Diesel, to dump our tanks and take on fresh water. Then we merged back on I-8 heading West back on exit for AZ-85 which would take us South to Ajo and Why. 

The floor of the desert was filled with yellow flowers and we
could see the green and yellow crawling up the mountainsides.

The Saguaros are beautiful to see standing tall and proud
and I could see green on the Ocotillos.

We have spent time in the Ajo/Why area several times over the years and have always enjoyed our visit. In 2018 we spent time looking for murals through out the town. I had found a self guided tour online. I took some quick pictures as we were driving through today and I have included a link with the picture title if you are interested in seeing more pictures and some information about the Ghost Figures of Ajo and the Memory Project.

Top Left: Ghost Figures of Ajo     Top Right: Mural
Middle Left: Immaculate Conception Church  Middle Right: Memory Project

Our first stop, Darby Wells Road where we unhooked the Jeep.
The hope was to find a place to park but it was not meant to be
this time. All the sites we would park in were filled.

Since I could not find a spot on Darby Wells after talking with Tom we decided to head to Why and our second choice which is the Coyote Howls RV Park. This is a rustic park with water taps and dump stations available at various spots within the park. There are no hookups in this park and there are no numbered sites in the short term area. What you find are a lot of "roads/sites" crisscrossing the parking areas. After you find a spot you like, you shut your engine down, and you are home.

Tonight's sunset lit up the clouds.

It is always bittersweet leaving friends who have become a special part of our lives and we have enjoyed spending time with. It has been a wonderful winter spending time with Deb and Riley along with Doug and Yuma. We had hoped to see Doug again but the White Lion had other plans so that was not meant to be for this adventure. There is still the hope we will see Deb and Riley one more time before we all head in basically the same direction but on a different time frame. So for now we are reading Deb's Blog, On a long and lonesome highway.... and know they are enjoying their time where they are. We are also keeping track of what is going on with Doug and Yuma in his blog, Miss Adventure Travels. Time will tell what happens next and where we all land but one thing for sure we have a lot of wonderful memories of this Our 9th Adventure living our Retirement Dream. Life is good.

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  1. There are so many things to see in the desert if you just take the time to look.

  2. I’m happy the trip was uneventful. We all like those kind. The views are ever changing and always picturesque, thanks for sharing them with us. Coyote Howls was on our agenda until the weather suggested it wouldn’t be very warm. However the future looks bright and as you said, we are heading in the same general direction, so hopefully we get another visit or two in before the adventure runs quickly east.


    1. Uneventful is always the goal when we travel because, like you, they are our favorite kind. You are right about the weather not being as warm but we have lucked out and had some nice sunny days.

  3. The desert is so green and beautiful. I really don't like going over the hill but we need to. Coming soon as I see Dome Valley I feel myself relaxing. Thanks for "the wave".

    1. The desert is a beautiful green. Seeing Dome Valley ahead is certainly a wonderful view.

  4. Yesterday was nice here, and today sunny with 70F.