Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tombstone for Lunch Plus Yesterday and The Day Before

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

After having our mugs of coffee this morning we decided today would be a perfect day to take a ride over to Tombstone and have lunch at Big Nose Kate's. Looking at the pictures below you will see that is just what we did. 

Tombstone Hills 

In the distance we can see the green cottonwoods which

means we will be going over the San Pedro River.

Tombstone Hills from AZ-80

and behind them in the distance the Huachuca Mountains.

We took a walk up and down Allen Street.

Lunch at Big Nose Kate's always good and always fun.

Yes, that is us.

I just had to add this picture.
If you have been to Tombstone you know what a good parking space this is.
The "Little Black Limo" is on 6th Street just off of Allen Street.

A trip to Tombstone is not complete, in our opinion,
without a trip up the hill to see the Linear Garden.  

Looking down over Tombstone
with the Dragoon Mountains in the distance.

Tombstone Courthouse

On AZ-80 with the Huachuca Mountains off in the distance.

Mule Mountains

Mustang and Whetstone Mountains

It was a relaxing day and we enjoyed our time in Tombstone and the ride there and back.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Up at around 7:15am and the sun was already up in the sky. Tom made coffee and I chatted with my sister as I drank that first mug. Later I headed into Huachuca City to pick up two packages I had sent to the Post Office and then into Sierra Vista for a little shopping. While I did that Tom spent sometime washing two sides of the Stinger "B" he is working on getting rid of a few months worth of desert dust. 

Today's pictures were taken at the top of the hill just as I was leaving Huachuca City and yes I did pull over. It does not matter how many times I have looked at this view as I head back to Quail Ridge RV and home it still fills me with awe at the beauty of the mountains each and every time. 

Whetstone Mountains

Mustang Mountains

When I got home I finished the blog and posted it. After dinner this evening Tom went over to the club house to play some poker. While he was gone I did some blog reading and a couple batches of wash. It was a pretty ordinary day in our lives like most are. Still a day we enjoyed.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

This Sunday we attended Mass at St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Sierra Vista.

Arriving a few minutes late I realized I could take a picture
without people in it. The top picture is the door and the statues
on either side of the door.

It is the the 5th Sunday of Lent and all the religious images
and crucifixes have been veiled.

You may ask or be curious as to why the veils, here is a short answer:
The custom of veiling the images hails from the former liturgical calendar in which the Fifth Sunday of Lent was called "Passion Sunday”. The custom of veiling crosses and images ... has much to commend it in terms of religious psychology, because it helps us to concentrate on the great essentials of Christ's work of Redemption. The duration of such veiling varies from place to place. The custom in many places is to veil from before first Vespers or the vigil Mass of the Fifth Sunday of Lent, while others limit this veiling from after the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday. Crosses are unveiled after the Good Friday ceremonies. All other images are unveiled shortly before the Mass of the Easter Vigil. Neither the Stations of the Cross nor stained glass windows are ever veiled.

While it may appear counterintuitive to veil statues and images during the final weeks of Lent, the Catholic Church recommends this practice to heighten our senses and build within us a longing for Easter Sunday.(from St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church website and internet)

After Mass we had a couple of stops to make then we headed back home. While I did wash, sort of a theme in my life right now, catching up on all the things I would rather not bring to a laundromat and the regular weekly wash. Tom took the Jeep, aka the Little Black Limo, for a much needed wash. Nothing to exciting but that is just fine it is another day we enjoyed living as full time RVer's.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Ahhhh my favorite Tombstone. LOVE Big Nose Kates!! And I'm glad you went to see the garden. I never miss it when I'm in town. It's getting so much bigger!!!

    1. It is fun taking the ride up the hill to see what he has added to the garden. Glad you shared the location on your blog back a couple of years ago.

  2. What a true statement at the end of your blog today! :) Ahhh Tombstone, never get tired of it. Sounds like a wonderful couple of days for you two!

    1. It is scary to think about how quickly life can change. Makes us even more grateful to be able to enjoy our days living our dream.

  3. Loved the picture of you two. Looked like you had Tombstone to yourself. Beautiful area. Wish I could have visited.

    1. Thank you. I was surprised that there were not more people at that end of town. It seemed like the crown was at the other end of the street.

  4. You take such good selfies. I didn't see the church in Sierra Vista...beautiful.

    1. I figure if I snap enough pictures one will turn out with us both looking like we are having St. Andrews is a beautiful church.

  5. Going to get to Tombstone as well in a few days. We also love it. ❤️

  6. How was lunch at Kate's? I have heard mixed reviews. Great picture of the two of you!

    1. Thanks. Lunch was okay but honestly we mostly stop a Kate's because we just like going there. We enjoy the atmosphere and the gentleman, and we have seen different ones, always do a nice job with the music/entertainment.

  7. We love BNK’s. The food has always been good any time we have been. Fantastic views, like you I never tire of them.


    1. We get to see a lot of beautiful views as we travel. High on the list of never getting tired of seeing it is the one as you are leaving Huachuca City and you can see the Whetstone Mountains in the distance.