Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Now There is One, Looking for Wildflowers, and More of Our Ride Down King Valley Road

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Monday, March 6, 2023

We stepped out this morning just before 8 o'clock to blue skies and scattered clouds and looking to the left of us we could see that the Igloo was connected to the Dogsled. It was moving day for Deb and Riley and they were ready to go. They walked over and after hugs and several see you laters it was time for them to go. 

As we stood there with one quick wave Deb pulled ahead
and this spot was empty.

They are off and later we heard they had made it to their
destination safe and sound.

Tom and I sat down to enjoy our first mug of coffee and when
the sun went behind a cloud there were shadows on the 
 Dome Rock Mountains and an immediate chill in the air.

We sat out for a while and enjoyed out second mug of coffee. Going inside while Tom had something to eat I decided to get our laundry ready to go. While I had something to eat Tom loaded the laundry into the Jeep and headed into Quartzsite to the laundromat. While he did that I took care of somethings here at home. We will be pulling out in couple of days and there are a few more stops we would like to make in Arizona, two of them will require reservations, before we point the Stinger "B" East. As the navigator of this crew I had a few phone calls to make today and some research to do. After talking with Tom when he got back with our clean clothes we have a "plan". Fingers crossed after a couple of calls tomorrow that everything will fall into place for the rest of our time here in Arizona. If not there is always Plan B we will just have to figure it out. 

Later this afternoon we sat out for Happy Hour it was a little chilly with a slight breeze but we put sweatshirts on and dealt with it. 

Looking out to the South I just liked the look of the sky. 

Just as the sun began to set it popped out from beneath the 
clouds, where it had spent most of the day, and the 
sun's light brightened this spot in our view.

Tonight's sunset

Then looking towards the East I again just liked
the way the sky looked.

One final look towards the West and the sun was gone from
our view but its light was still beautiful.

That was our day and it ended in the quiet of the desert as the darkness descended upon us.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

The sky was cloud covered when we stepped out this morning and there was somewhat of a chill in the air. Yet we persevered and brought our second mugs of coffee out to enjoy. Deb and Riley were off to run some errands in preparation for leaving in the morning. I mentioned to Deb that Tom and I were thinking of taking a ride down Plomosa Road in search of some blooming wildflowers and would she and Riley like to join us around noon. 
Deb joined us though Riley opted to stay home. So off the three of us went in the Little Black Limo in search of some "blooming flowers". There were no flowers to be seen but we did check out a few spots and found some nice ones with cell service we all said we would consider in the future. Always nice to have options and new views to enjoy.

First stop was for a picture opportunity. I am not sure how
 many times I have taken these two pictures as we drive

 through this section of the Plomosa Mountains. This is looking
 West and it is my favorite view on Plomosa Road.  

Some views on 

one of the roads

we drove down.

We stayed on Plomosa Road until we reached Salome Road in Bouse where we took a left and headed towards Parker. Then after a few miles we finally found the wildflowers blooming on both sides of the road. Tom pulled over and we all got out to take some pictures. I was only able to identify two of the flowers we saw then I gave up looking. Named or not named they where all beautiful.

Arizona Lupine

Desert Primrose

With all the clouds there was not a visible sunset this evening.
What we did see was a lovely rose afterglow.

It was a good day we ended up taking a fun ride checking out some boondocking areas and we found some blooming wildflowers. I have read with wildflowers there is no guarantees but the 2023 season seems full of promise. We may just see a nice colorful display in the desert and that would be wonderful...🤞

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 
Kofa National Wildlife Refuge 

The Refuge was established primarily for conservation of desert bighorn sheep and their habitat. This is still one of the primary management objectives. Subsequently, wilderness visitors are apt to encounter man-made structures such as concrete dams, windmills, and other modified or enhanced water sources. Many of these structures, built in the 1940s and '50s, have been allowed to slowly deteriorate, while others are maintained by Refuge staff to provide essential water needs for desert wildlife. On occasion wilderness solitude may be interrupted by the sounds and sights of aerial overflights as Refuge staff conduct wildlife surveys. The airspace over the Refuge is controlled by the military; thus, you may also see and hear military jets and helicopters during your visit. By and large, however, the remoteness and solitude of Kofa's backcountry is unmatched by other, more heavily-visited wilderness areas.(from the internet)

These first three picture I took  as we followed the trail

to this Horse Tank.

There is water in this tank.

The rest of these pictures were taken by Tom.
The horse tank is in the middle of this picture.

At this point Riley and I turned back on the trail. I will be posting those pictures in our next blog. Deb and Tom continued on to a couple of more tanks and the pictures below are what Tom took of that hike. 

Looking at the pictures Tom and Deb took on that part of the hike I wish I would have had my hiking pole with me to continue. Deb posted her pictures over several days on her blog, On a long and lonesome highway... not just of this part of the hike but the entire ride.

Our days continue to flow forward all to quickly. At the same time there is a peacefulness to each on of them that is felt inside. This time like all the other adventures we have enjoyed out here in this beautiful place called the Sonoran Desert will be held in our memory book to open as the years go by. 

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  1. You will miss your friends! I know you'll catch up with each other at some point again.
    I hope your plans fall into place.
    Your flower pictures are beautiful, Deb.

  2. King Valley Road was very interesting, the views were stunning, the Kofas never disappoint for pics. The tanks were fun to see, next time we will ensure you bring a stick with you.
    Fantastic flower pics. The ride was great, some places to call home in the future and some places to explore as well.
    There is a sadness attached to leaving but a joy in catching up again. It’s impossible to have one without the other! I’m glad to hear your plans are shaping up, that is always a good feeling.


  3. So many flowers blooming there!!! Nothing here yet. And I love seeing the water holes for the critters. It's always sad to see friends go, but then you start thinking about seeing them again next time.

  4. You really found a beautiful area for the wildflowers. Looking forward to seeing where you head to on the next adventure.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Deb. I really like the lone tree in the wash with mountains behind it. And so many different flavors. Just gorgeous.

  6. Sure wish u would tell us the names of all the flowers 💐🙂