Friday, March 31, 2023

Quiet Days, A Visit With Friends, and A Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March  29th through Friday, March 31st, 2023

These last days really have been quiet ones for us. Tom has been slowly washing and waxing the Stinger "B" and I have gotten all our wash caught up and organized a few things inside.

On a not so fun note we had a gentleman come by to check out our airbags. When we were getting ready to leave the Justin's Diamond RV Park in Tucson Tom could hear air coming out from underneath the front of the motorhome. He knew right away it was probably a hole in one of the airbags. We have experienced this once before and knew they would stay up while the motor was running so we headed to our next stop here at Quail Ridge. Once we got set up he started looking for an RV repair place. The bottom line, there is a small hole in the driver's side airbag and it will need to be replaced. We have been able to extend our stay and hopefully a new airbag will get here early this coming week. If not we will deal with that then. For now we are going to enjoy our stay here and possibly take a couple of rides. One thing we know is there is no reason to stress about something we cannot do anything about. Living in a motorhome is no different than living in a sticks and bricks house things break and need to be fixed. 

The Stinger "B' is looking all nice and shiny. 
Bottom right: Tom said something about that was enough for
today and it was time for Happy

Thursday the wind joined us and the temperature dropped. Tom took the day off from waxing the rig and went for a haircut in the morning. Then I went to pick up a few things at Walmart in the afternoon. That was as exciting as the day got.

Friday was a day we were looking forward to our friends Melissa and Lyle decided to come for a second visit. We had talked about meeting halfway but they decided to drive the distance down to us. Not only that they brought lunch and it was delicious. If I could remember to take pictures there would be one of the lovely spread Melissa put together of shrimp salad and egg salad sandwiches with vegies and dip. Plus add to that there was a desert of cake, fruit and sherbet. It was a wonderful second visit that went by way to fast. In no time we were getting hugs and saying see you soon.

I had a moment and remembered to take a picture before
they left and as luck would have it we are all smiling.

Today was our brother-in-law Perry's 61st Birthday and he celebrated in Heaven. 
We love and miss you always! 

Happy Birthday Perry!

I love this picture of my sister Chris and Perry.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Wow .... your rig looks AMAZING!!! Does Tom rent out????

    1. He said, thanks and possibly at the right

  2. Lunch sounds delicious. Happy belated heavenly birthday to Perry.

  3. That is to bad about the air bag but I love your attitude, it is better to be positive than moan and groan about it :-)

    1. If moaning and groaning would do any good we might consider Seriously though there are things you cannot change and better to just move forward.

  4. Sounds like some wonderfully relaxing days! Good for you!

  5. It is a nice spot to stop and enjoy the days. Too bad about the air bag but as you said, it will get taken care of asap.
    We're happy that you are still here! (For more than one reason!) 💕

    1. You are right it is a nice spot to just enjoy the days. Fingerscrossed we all have good news.

  6. I knew I had my sunglasses for a reason Tom!!! Wonderful to get a second visit with your friends! Time slips by so quickly! Hopefully the mechanical issues are cleared up soon!!!


  7. Great selfies as usual. Hope the airbag arrives in a timely manner and is not too costly. Enjoy your stay.