Thursday, March 2, 2023

Cold and Rain, Our Neighborhood Decreased By One & Last Pictures of Friday's Ride

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

An English proverb describes typical March weather: 
March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. 

February flew by and I think most of the country would agree that March has arrived like a Lion. I do not know about the rest of you but I am keeping my fingers crossed that the other half of the proverb comes true and March leaves as a Lamb. Happily looking ahead it does look like the weather in our little corner of the world is going to be turning warmer by this weekend. Today on the other hand started under blue skies but cold with the wind still with us and before 11 o'clock it was raining. There was on quick moment this morning I thought I saw some snow coming down though I am thinking it was a few small pieces of hail.   

This is the picture of the sunrise I took by standing on our
top step and reaching around the door with my phone. 

Looking West and Northwest the sun was lighting up the desert
floor but the clouds and the rain were coming our way. 

We had an appointment this morning at Discount Solar to have our solar system checked out. First stop was at La Posa South LTVA to dump tanks and fill our fresh water tank. 

Looking West just after we left Roadrunner.

Parked by the water stations waiting for Tom to finish the stars
and stripes was the view out the front window of the Jeep. 

Parked to have a quick breakfast looking out I could 
still see some blue sky.

Looking out the front dirty window of the Stinger "B" we 
could see a full rainbow. It is hard to see in the picture but\
the rainbow was in front of the mountains on the left.

Heading back to our spot in the desert after our appointment it was raining. Our solar system checked out as working just fine. Though the tech did make one adjustment and gave Tom some advice and suggested we give it a week to see how things are running. Nothing major we just felt we were losing our battery power quicker then we thought we should be. 

Back home Deb braved the cold and rain to came over for Happy Hour. After a couple of hours again through the rain she headed back to the Igloo. Even inside today it felt damp and cool but we still had a good couple of hours visiting.

Puddles in the desert.

Tom braved the raindrops and found washes,
tiny little rivers, in the desert.

 No visible sunset this evening as the rain continued.
I noticed this light on the mountains towards the Northwest.

It was a cold, rainy, sometimes windy day and looking at the overnight weather there will be more of the same. There is a prediction of sunny skies tomorrow and though it will still be on the cooler side sunshine will be really, really nice.

As you continue reading our blog you will notice there is no Tuesday, February 28th, included. We, Deb, Riley, Tom and I took a wonderful ride in the "Little Black Limo" down King Valley Road. Deb has already posted about the ride and has some great pictures on her blog, On a long and lonesome highway... If you are interested I will be posting pictures that both Tom and I took in the next couple of blogs. 

Monday, February 27, 2023

We did wake up to sunny blue skies this morning and we did bring our coffee outside for a Coffee Hour. While the rest of us sat and chatted Doug finished packing up to head out. He and Yuma did join us for awhile then, all to soon, it was time to start up the White Lion. He had a plan and if you read his blog you know how it went. If you have not read it check it out here, Miss Adventure Travels

After hugs all around it was time to say see you down the road.
The White Lion with Doug and Yuma inside is off.

It is strange after two weeks to open the door and be
 looking at the mountains in the distance and not the WL.

The sun going down on our smaller but still special neighborhood.

Doug, which if you read his blog you know did not have his best day as he only made it to the RV Pit Spot before the WL quit. Deb and I went in to see how he was doing and he did have a tow truck coming to move him. I am behind in writing but he has a plan which he talks about in his blog and he is keeping in contact. 

Here in our neighborhood we ended our day with Happy Hour. It was a chilly one and we soon headed inside to the warmth of our homes. 

Friday, February 24, 2023  

In my last post I talked about the ride we took over near the Harquahala Mountains on Eagle Eye Road. This is the rest of the pictures of that ride. It was a beautiful day for taking pictures with all the clouds in the sky adding shadows to the mountains and the desert floor. 

Driving along the remnants of an abandoned mine could be
seen up a hill. A definite stop for this group.

These first four pictures Tom took.

Harquahala Mountains

Yuma was the first one to reach the mine.

Two more of 

Tom's pictures.

Doug and Deb were next up.

Then I could see Riley with Tom close behind.

Riley headed down towards the left

and Tom went right.

Meanwhile Deb and Yuma headed up

and then Doug joined them. 

Tom took this of Riley and I in the distance.

When Deb got back down to the Jeep she mentioned there was a road that would bring us up to the top so up we went. The views up there were fantastic.  

The shadows on the mountains never stopped changing.

The purple one on the left is blurry but it was so tiny in 
among the rocks.

We saw so many beautiful Saguaros today.

Soon it was time to head back towards Salome Road and then North to Salome, Arizona where we stopped for lunch at Don's Cactus Bar and Restaurant. The food was excellent and so was the service. We would definitely stop again if we are in the area.

After lunch we continued West on Highway 60 until we connected to I-10 then a turn South on to US-95 and we were soon home just in time for Happy Hour.

The sun was still making its way down towards the
Dome Rock Mountains when I took this last picture 
then headed inside. 

We have had so many memory making days this Adventure and today was one of them. Beautiful scenery, special friends, and good food it is a wonderful life.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Nice to know about Don's Cactus Bar and Restaurant for the future! Beautiful pictures all the way through the blog! I love to see the pics of the beautiful flag! :) Those are certainly some puddles from the rain!

    1. I actually thought of you when I was adding the picture to the post...hugs

  2. Fantastic pics! Two great rides, I am looking forward to seeing the pics from King Valley Road. Yes I did brave the dozen or so steps both directions in the rain for happy hour. It soon has to warm up, it’s almost time to head homeward. Lol


    1. Thank you, Deb. You are a brave soul and it is not so much the rain but the cold you had to make your way

  3. I'm hoping Mother Nature has slammed the door for the last time!!

  4. Poor Doug. We wish him the best but it doesn't sound good.
    The weather there this year is the craziest! Hope these last few weeks are better for you.

    1. It has not been the best week for Doug but there is still hope for the WL. Looks like the weather is going to warm up...🌞

  5. Beautiful pictures Deb. Didn't realize the WL was blocking such a beautiful sunset. The weather forecast looks so much better. Seems like forever since we parted ways. Longing for the leisure HHs we had instead of this daily drama.

    1. Thank you, Doug. You really were not blocking the sunset...just the We miss you at Coffee and Happy Hours too and Yuma.