Tuesday, March 14, 2023

We Are In Why, AZ.....(Catch Up Post)Dinner at the Black Pearl Restaurant at Pirate Den Resort, Campfire at Roadrunner

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

We moved to Why, Arizona yesterday and today is going to be a strictly do nothing type of day. This post and the next couple are going to include catch up posts. I was hoping not to use that phrase any more but it is what it is and I am who I am...😎

Our views as we sat out at Coyote Howls in Why, AZ
having our morning mug of coffee.

As the sun went down this evening there was a touch of
light on the mountains to the East.

The sun set behind the clouds this evening and I could  see
some light in the clouds but no color.

It was a quiet day here at Coyote Howls RV Park and we enjoyed the quiet.

(Catching Up)

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Today we took a ride. We left Roadrunner going north on US-95 then merged on to I-10 going west. We took Exit 1 and headed North on Ehrenberg-Parker Highway eventually connecting to US-95 going north in California. Turning East at CA-62 we crossed back into Arizona where we turned North on AZ-95. Our end goal was the Black Pearl Restaurant at Pirates Den Resort on Riverside Drive in Parker, AZ. After dinner we headed South on AZ-95 which eventually connects back to US-95 in Quartzsite and then home to Roadrunner and the Stinger "B". It was an enjoyable ride and the pictures below tell the story of our day.

Driving through

the Dome Rock Mountains.

I do like this view as we are coming down out  
of the mountains.

Heading North on the

Ehrenberg-Parker Highway

This Mission is near Poston, AZ

Crossing the Colorado River

I believe these are the Riverside Mountains ahead.

We made a brief stop at Wyatt Earp's Cottage in Vidal, CA
for a couple of pictures. Friends, Cheryl and Dave, had
mentioned visiting here so we thought it would be a fun stop.

This is what is on the marker in front of the cottage.

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp
1848 – 1929
Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp
1861 – 1944
Earp Cottage
Vidal, California
The legendary lawman, gun-fighter, gambler, businessman and miner along with his wife, Josephine, inhabited this "dream – come – true" cottage from 1925 – 1928. During the fall, winter and spring months, while he worked his "Happy Days" mines in the Whipple Mountains a few miles north of this site. This is the only permanent residence they owned in their long lives together.
Their ashes are buried in the Hills of Eternity Memorial Park, Colma, California
 Erected 2002 by Billy Holcomb Chapter, E. Clampus Vitus. (Marker Number 108.)

Black Peak known by the locals as "P Mountain"
which is part of the Buckskin Mountains.

On AZ-95

going by/through a part

of the Buckskin Mountains.

We had dinner at the Black Pearl Restaurant at 
Pirates Den Resort.

We were able to sit out on the covered part of the patio.
It was a little pricey but the food was delicious and we
will definitely go back again.

There were birds on the deck though they were not bothersome
and ducks swimming by on the river.

The sun was setting as we headed home

after what was a fun day.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023 

This was our last full day parked out in the Roadrunner BLM for this our 9th Adventure. We do like it out here and will be sad to leave but at the same time are looking forward to what the road ahead brings. Tomorrow we will head south back to Ogilby Road and park next to Deb and Riley in the same spot we left just a little over three weeks ago and we are definitely looking forward to our time there.

Today was a day to start packing up and get ready for our move. I, also, went into Quartzsite to pick up a few things at Gem World and Coyotes Market. The plan for the evening was sitting out and watching the sunset, a nice dinner, and a campfire. 

We are the only one left in our neighborhood and tomorrow
we will be gone.

Venus and Jupiter

Tonight's Campfire

This is a collage of three pictures. I was trying to show 
 how quickly the black inkiness of the desert takes over
in just a few feet.

First there was a glow over the mountains, bottom picture.
Then the moon popped up over the mountains, top picture. 

It is always amazing to me just how much light the full
moon brings to the desert. 

It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed sitting out near the fire. A perfect last evening in one of our favorite spots parked out in the desert in Arizona.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. You two enjoyed three very nice days. Glad to hear you are visiting Why. Beautiful pictures, Deb. Beautiful moon rise over the mountains. Enjoy your stay.

    1. Thank you, Doug. I just wish we could have found a place to park on Darby Road. All the good spots were taken. We would have had to park right next to the road and with the dust that would not be fun.

  2. Old and new. Old... I love the restaurant at Pirate's Den. New...we've never been to Poston. I would love to see the mission. And as many times that we have been to Vidal Junction I never knew about the Earp house. Enjoy your time in Why/Ajo.

    1. The church in Poston like the one in Quartzsite is part of the Sacred Heart Parish in Parker. Looking in the windows it did not look like it was an old mission church. We were surprised to find out about the Earp house, also. That restaurant is excellent we will definitely make a point of going there again if in the area.

  3. The river and waterways look very full, hopefully they can stay that way through the summer.

    1. All the canals we have seen have been full and like you said, hopefully they can stay that way through the summer.

  4. It aways amazes me how many MOUNTAINS there are in the DESERT! Love the Wyatt Earp house and I'm glad to see they are keeping it up.

    1. It was nice to see how well kept up the house was. There are definitely a lot of mountains out here.

  5. Great pics. Loved the fire! The blackness is complete and absolute on those cloudy nights. Enjoy Coyote Howls.


  6. Imagine living in Why and having to answer to why? That Pirate restaurant sounds like a very nice to celebrate something!

    1. It could get tricky answering as to why you live in
      The restaurant would be a nice place to celebrate something...or it is just a nice place to go because it is a good day to enjoy some good food.