Saturday, March 11, 2023

We Moved and The Last of the Pictures From Our Ride to King Valley Road

Friday, March 10, 2023

On Thursday we moved back to a spot just off of Ogilby Road where we had been parked in February.  Sadly our neighborhood is short one rig this time.

When we turned off of Ogilby Road after a short distance I could
see a white dot and when I zoomed in I could see it was the Igloo.

No, we are not parked that close to the Cargo Muchacho Mountains but I do like that when I zoomed in from this angle it looked like the Igloo was parked with them towering over it.

Stepping out of the Stinger "B" this morning to take a picture of the sunrise I was pleasantly surprised at the temperature. After taking the picture I asked Tom for my shawl and sat down to enjoy the morning. Deb decided to join me with her coffee and a few minutes later Tom joined us carrying two mugs of coffee. 

The sun came up and pretty quickly slipped behind the clouds.

This guy went by several times this morning.
As we drove out to Ogilby Road a little later we saw it landing.

We sat out chatting until we noticed it was 9 o'clock and since the plan was to leave for the Arizona Market Place by 10 it was time to go in and get ready.

After Tom and I left a few dollars behind at the Market Place this morning we headed over to the UPS Store so I could return a few thing I had ordered that did not work out. We were stopped at a light and just as we started to turn we noticed the bird below.  I had never seen a bird with such a long bill before which is why even though it is a blurry distorted picture it is shared here. Between the Jeep moving and extensive cropping this was the best I could do.

I believe, after doing some checking, this is a 
Long-billed Curlew.

We made one more stop at Walmart for a few things then headed home. A little later we sat out and Deb joined us for a short Happy Hour. 

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know I share a lot of cloud pictures, The collage below are of some I liked this evening.

The other two people at Happy Hour could not see it. I think
it is totally clear the top picture is a blue angel flying by.

The sun set behind the clouds tonight but its light 

as it left did give produce some pretty color.

I took this then headed inside for the night.

It was a good day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 
Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

All of this wilderness is located in Arizona and is managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The Kofa Wilderness is bordered on the south by the Castle Dome Mountains and the western end of the Tank Mountains are in the southeast of the wildlife refuge. The New Water Wilderness in the New Water Mountains ends the extension of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge to the north. The La Posa Plain is a wide, generally flat plain in western Arizona near the Colorado River and is on the west and northwest border of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The plain lies to the east of the Colorado River Indian Reservation and east of the Dome Rock and Trigo Mountains.

The Kofa Refuge and Wilderness is open to visitation year-round, 24 hours a day. There are no entrance fees and visitors are free to camp wherever they choose, keeping in mind the vehicle restrictions. The vast majority of the public comes to the Kofa Wilderness between October and March when 'winter visitors' flock to southern Arizona. These 'snowbirds' as they are also called, tend to remain on or close to the designated roads. Thus, intrepid hikers can still find vast areas of the Refuge to themselves. The Refuge is virtually devoid of human activity during the hot summer months. (from the internet)

As I mentioned in my last post, posted on March 7th, Riley and I turned back at the first Horse Tank and I had wished I could have gone forward but if I had I would have missed the wonderful time chatting with Riley. Looking back as I write this I am glad I forgot the hiking pole. We spent our time looking at the mountains in front of us and found many interesting faces among the rocks. We also could see other things and if you enlarge the pictures you might see things we never did.  It is all about looking with "open eyes". 

One of our favorite finds.

I even remembered to take a picture of  
Riley and I.

Do you see a turtle?

Deb and Tom catching up to us after their hike.

Heading back to King Valley Road

Baby Ocotillos

The shadows on the mountains

are beautiful and ever changing.

Could that be a very large Owl peeking at us?

When I saw this hill it was completely black. By the time I got
my camera focused the black shadow was almost gone. 

King Valley Road

Tom turned the Little Black Limo right to go further down King Valley Road but we did not travel that far. Checking the map it looked like a road we had been on in the past from the other end. On that ride we encountered a steep wash we could not get through. It was getting late, the road was bumpy, and we did not want to travel several more miles only to turn around and back track. So after talking about it we all agreed the best idea was to turn around.

The last picture of the day.

The Kofa Mountains are beautiful and their beauty can be seen in every direction. Tom and Deb took a hike to see more of the tanks and from what they said had a good time. I know Riley and I had fun chatting while looking for faces and shapes on the mountain side. Some she saw and I did not, some I saw and she did not, and some we both saw. Driving back into Quartzsite we stopped to see our stranded friend and invited Doug to join us for a late lunch. It truly was a good day spent with special friends.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. I see the angel! Yesterday, Friday, I thought about going to the Marketplace. But before I said anything Jerry told me he was going to get the gravel. We are laying gravel in the front between the wall and the road. It's a start to get the front looking better. And I used the word "we" very loosely. It would have been fun to see you and Tom out shopping. Maybe another time!


    1. It would have been fun to run into you and Jerry at the Market Place. From the pictures you posted on Facebook it is looking really nice.

  2. Lots going on and some great Kofa mountain pictures. Wish I could join you, but not till next year I hope. Time will tell.

    1. Wish you were here, also. I am going to stay positive that you and Yuma will be parking in the desert next year.

  3. I saw the blue angel before I saw where you identified her. Love it. I love to visit the Arizona Marketplace, Ken not so much. Beautiful pictures and glad you are back with Deb and Riley, before it's time to head east :(

    1. I think it helped that I cropped the picture for seeing the angel. It was nice spending time with Deb and Riley again. I know Tom likes the tool places at the Arizona Market

  4. I could see the blue angel too. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Great pics, I admit I didn’t see the angel. I enjoyed the King Valley Road pics, it was a great ride. The market was fun, as always.


    1. Thanks Deb. The ride was really nice. I know you and Tom looked at me like "I was seeing things not there" I think if I could have cropped the sky like the picture it would have helped...:)

  6. We have those Curlew's all over our park, they like to feed on the golf course. How long are you back in the area?

    1. That is interesting about the Curlews I had never seen one before. We have already moved to Why. We were only there for 4 nights.