Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Beautiful Sunset After a Cloudy Day in Why.....Happy Birthday Rachel!!!.....(Catch Up Post)

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

We awoke this morning to the pitter patter of rain on the roof . It was a slow soft rain that lasted for several hours and never created any puddles. 

It is amazing the beauty that emerges out here.
This tiny delicate flower blossomed since yesterday next to our carpet.

Looking West this afternoon there was some blue sky.
Looking East the sky was still covered in grey clouds.

It was around 5 o'clock  

when blue sky emerged

and the sun showed up.

The green on the hills next to us is beautiful.

As the sun started setting we were rewarded
with some beautiful color.

This is looking Northwest

and this to the Northeast.

One last picture of the sky after the sun dropped below the horizon.

Happy, Happy Birthday to Our Daughter, Rachel!!!

We are proud of the woman you have become and
the mother you are to your three children. 
We love you to the moon and back!
Dad and Mom
xoxo   xoxo

Thursday, March 9, 2023 (Moving Day...Roadrunner BLM to Ogilby BLM)

I was up and sitting outside to watch the sunrise. It would be our last one here at Roadrunner for this Adventure and I did not want to miss it. The sky was a mixture of blue and white clouds and the sun soon slipped behind the clouds. It was a good morning for sitting out and Tom and I did just that while enjoying our coffee.  All to soon it was time to finish packing up. The plan was to pull out by 10 o'clock, we always have a plan sometimes it works out sometimes it does not. This morning I took the last picture of the Stinger "B" in its parking space at 9:50AM and we were on our way. Tom to dump, take on fresh water, and top off our propane tank. I was in the Jeep and had a couple of errands to run including getting rid of our garbage. Then we would meet back our here at the entrance to Roadrunner to hook the Jeep up and have lunch before heading South to Ogilby Road. 


Looking West the desert and sky with the white fluffy clouds
take on the look of softness in the early morning light.

As the sun rises in the east the shadows begin to stretch out
across the desert floor. I love this time in the morning
when everything is quiet. 

As the sun slipped behind the clouds 

Tom brought out our coffee

and we watched the colors of the desert change.

The top left one is the last on I took before Tom started up the
Stinger "B". Middle one was just before he started moving.
The top right, could that be a baby Stinger "B"?
Bottom two I took while waiting for Tom to get back.

The next two collages are pictures I took over our time parked out at Roadrunner. The middle picture is of a Saguaro which has been our marker at night when we have parked in this particular spot. He has always been there to let us know where to turn. Can you see his face? He is still standing proud looking out over his desert home. I hope he is still there next time we come this way.

Top left was near a large Saguaro by us, a resting place for
a beloved pet. Left bottom the tiniest yellow flowers in the wash.
Top right I just liked its look. Bottom right an "alien" someone
took the time to create out of white rocks. 

This Saguaro will soon be one with the desert and that is the
circle of life. One thing, till the end those needles as sharp as ever.

On US-95 and we are headed South.

This picture pretty much sums up our view of plant life as we
traveled south today. Yellow wild flowers along the highway, 
Saguaro, Ocotillos, and Chollas. All beautiful!!!!!

The "guns" at the entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds.

Driving by fields along the North edge of Yuma.

We have merged onto I-8 and crossed into California.
Turning on Ogilby Road we can see the Ogilby Hills

along with the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

After turning off of Ogilby Road into the BLM as we head further
 in we see a familiar site. The Igloo and the Dogsled are on our right.  

Powered Paragliding also known as Paramotoring.
The pilot of this was having fun as the sun was slowly making
its way down in the west.


It was good to be back in this spot next to friends. After getting a few things set up we joined Deb and Riley on their patio for Happy Hour. The sun was warm and we started by seeking the shade but like it is so often happens in the desert as the sun started down we were seeking the sun light to keep us warm. Life is good and we are doing our best to continue enjoying our retirement dream.

Saturday, March 11, 2023 (Last Trip to Los Algodones for this Adventure)

The plan for today was a trip to Los Algodones and weather wise we had a perfect day for it. I had bought a basket last time we were there to store our toaster in. It has a cover to keep out dust and a handle which makes it easy to move. I got to thinking it would be nice to have a couple more to store a few other things I would prefer to have in a covered container. I had mentioned this to Deb and when I asked last week if she and Riley would like to make one last trip with us they agreed. Plus, we made the hard decision to have lunch and a few adult beverages while there...😎 

We had decided to pick up the baskets last so we did not have to carry them around because even though we did not plan on purchasing anything else looking is fun. You never know what will catch your eye. What did catch our eye was a shop that had the baskets we were looking for almost right away and in no time we had made a bargain and we walked out with several baskets between us. They had a yellow and black one just the size I was looking for how could I not bring it home. 

Our next stop was lunch at this restaurant. We all agreed it was
a good choice the food was delicious and we will be coming back. 

A quick selfie before taking a quick walk through 
some of the venders.

Last stop of the day was at El Paraiso for an adult beverage.
I am just guessing mind you but I would bet a lot of Margaritas
come out of this bar in a day and if they taste like the ones 
I have had they are all good.

Vehicles going into Mexico and on the right of the fence is 
where we walk in.  I took this on our way out.
No line today so we made a quick exit.

Some of the clouds that floated by today during Happy Hour.

The sun going down on what was a perfect day.

We, Deb, Tom and I, sat out and chatted until after the sun went down. Even though a breeze did kick up a little bringing a slight chill to the air the weather was perfect for just relaxing and enjoying being in the company of friends. 

This was another one of those memory making days. The weather cooperated with our plans and even sitting in the sun there was enough of a breeze that we did not feel hot just comfortable. We accomplished our shopping goal plus we tried a new restaurant and the food was very good. We enjoyed a couple of adult beverages and just enjoyed our day. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Yuma, AZ

The only pictures I took today were at Mass this morning. When we left church we had several errands to run including picking up a few last minute groceries as we would be moving to the Ajo/Why Arizona area in the morning and I did not want to worry about shopping while in that area. Before heading home we had a late lunch at Five Guys and Tom had hoped to get a haircut but that did not work out the two places he checked out, even though they were walk ins, were totally booked. 

We arrived back home put the groceries away and joined Deb in front of the Igloo out of the wind for Happy Hour. It was a wonderful Happy Hour that lasted till after the sun had gone down and the light was gone from our day. It was a good day!

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. We had a full day of rain here in Apache Junction. Going to have a green desert have a nice area to boondock and the pictures of the area are beautiful. Love your sunset and sunrise pictures.

    1. Thanks, I am guessing, Doug. It is turning a beautiful green here for sure. I can see by your pictures it is turning a beautiful green there, also.

  2. Happy Birthday Rachael.
    Beautiful sunset, nice sun rise. It was good to see the Stinger B pull in here at Ogilby Road. Los Algodones was fun, we enjoyed the adventure. Happy hour turned to stargazing, they have an app for that. Lol


    1. Thank you, Deb.
      I do believe they do have an app for

  3. You have a beautiful daughter and grandkids!

    1. Thank you, Marlene. I agree but then I may be just slightly

  4. Your daughter is beautiful, I hope she had a great birthday :-) I keep thinking that will all the rain we have had this year the desert should be erupting in amazing flowers soon.

    1. Thank you, she did tell me she had a wonderful birthday.
      There is a lot of green here in Why and we saw a lot of green and yellow covering the desert floor on our way here. We are planning a ride into the Organ Pipe National Monument while we are here and I am hoping there are wildflowers blooming there.