Monday, November 20, 2023

The Wind Is Visiting

 Sunday, November 19, 2023

Leaving for Blythe this morning just after 8 o'clock there was a breeze but the air was still fairly clear and we could see the mountains in the distance. The sun was already up and shining as we made out way out of Roadrunner BLM then to AZ-95. In Quartzsite we merged onto I-10 and headed West. As we were riding along, maybe I should say bumping along it is a little rough, we realized it was our first time on I-10 this year. I always enjoy this ride driving through the Dome Rock Mountains then coming out the other side looking down at Blythe I just think it is a pretty ride. The ride back is just as pretty even when some of the mountains are lost in the dust like they were today.

"Q" Mountain in the early morning light.

We are now on I-10

and I said to Tom is this new or did I just not see it last year...­čśÄ

Coming out on the West side we can see Blythe in the distance.

The same as last year on I-8 we are being waved through
the "fruit and veggie" checkpoint.

Mass was at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Blythe, CA
Very pretty church, A sure sign we are in the Southwest is
when we start seeing pictures or statues of 
Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Catholic Churches.

Tom and I both like going to Church on Sunday and we have three choices: 3 o'clock in Quartzsite, 8 o'clock in Parker, or 8 o'clock in Blythe. Our usual choice is Parker but it is nice to go into Blythe once and awhile. With the time change it is 9 o'clock Arizona time and we get to sleep in an extra hour Sunday morning.

After Mass we stopped at Denny's for breakfast then we made a stop at Dollar Tree, another reason I like going to Two stops for a few groceries at Smart and Final then Albertsons and we were back on I-10 heading East. The first thing I noticed was the dust in the air ahead.

Coming back into Quartzsite 
some of the mountains have disappeared 

and the dust is evident in the sky above the town.

The "Q" was visible.

Driving back into Roadrunner the mountains to the East 
are behind the dust.

The ones ahead are just faint outlines in the distance.

Then coming up to our neighborhood it looks like it is in
a dust free clearing with sun shining down. 
Though the color of the sky above says differently.

Archie stopped to visit during Happy Hour.

Happy Hour gang minus Sue who was out shopping.
She did join us later.

The sun going down on our day. On thing about the dust
it did bring some beautiful color to the sunset.

Another good day parked out in the desert by good friends to be filed in our Memory Book

Saturday, November 18, 2023

My plan for Saturday was a "Do Nothing Go Nowhere Day" and I must admit I did very well and accomplishing my plan. The farthest I wandered was next door in front of Kim and Ken's home on wheels for Happy Hour. Tom on the other hand had a plan to fetch us some fresh water and he did accomplish his plan. Thanks to Lorne and Sue was able to head over to La Posa South to fill up our bladder.  Isn't it wonderful when all your plans come together. 

Through our dirty front windshield. I did not want
to disturb whatever world problems the three of 
them, Ken, Lorne, and Tom, were solving by letting
them know I was taking their picture.

Happy Hour
Kim, Ken, and Deb

Lorne, Sue, Riley, and Tom

Our Happy Hours have been filled with wonderful discussions and laughter and I seldom think about taking pictures. Personally I do like that I can make that statement. Tonight I remembered to take one of the group but missed the sunset.

I did see and take a picture of this one lone pink cloud after
the sun had set.

Plus there was a lovely orange afterglow but the camera would
not pick up the color and I tried several different things.
With some "enhancing" I was able to get a little orange but
 not anywhere near what my eyes could see.

Tom and I are both enjoying our time parked out here in the Sonoran Desert. Life is good.

Side Note: As I finish writing this blog today, Monday morning, the wind is still howling around us though the air looks clear and we can see the mountains surrounding us.

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  1. Was a little windy down here on the American Girl as well yesterday, but today makes yesterday look like a gentle summer breeze. It actually blew over my full 30 lb. Propane bottle today. But the wind yesterday did kick up some dust over near the Dunes and that did make things GLOW at sundown.

    1. Sounds like you had the same wind we had but the worst of it here was over night. That glow that happens at times out there is so beautiful.

  2. I had forgotten the winds. Oh well. The church looked beautiful. Enjoy your HHs.

    1. We are doing our best to enjoy our Happy Hours. Looking forward to you and Yuma joining us.

  3. The wind yesterday was wild but nothing here like what we saw off in the distance. I admit to being happy to be more sheltered. We thought we met you Sunday, a Jeep heading north on Riggles Ave. and we were headed south towards Keuhn. if not, you have doubles. ;)

    1. That is the advantage to being tucked in at an RV park some protection from the wind. There could be another Jeep like ours out there I am but I am guessing that was us. We had taken that exit on our way back from Blythe to stop at Coyotes Market.

  4. Ah, the winds. I hope all the newbies put in their awnings and have their sunscreens tied down!

    1. It always amazes me how many people leave their awnings out in the wind or when they leave out here. No newbies

  5. I think the weather is ebbing and flowing back to the old days. Dust storms used to be the norm. We got used to not having them. Now it seems they are back. I bet you could make a fortune selling awnings there!

    1. Selling awnings would be a money maker out here, for sure. I think people forget there is a natural progression of weather changes that happens over the years.

  6. The one thing I'm not looking forward when we head to Yuma is the wind :-(