Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Drive Down Coyote Canyon Road

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February 12, 2017

After watching the sunrise this morning we decided to take a ride down Coyote Canyon Road.

Looked up and saw this cloud.
Loved how the sun's light lite it up.

Looking to the west that white dot is the moon setting. 

Not sure what mountains we are looking at but it is all beautiful.

We are know on the Coyote Canyon Road.

The Desert Garden is a nice place to stop and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

There was no sign naming this wash but it was flowing pretty fast and Tom said the water was cold.

Lower right our water crossing.

The Anza Expedition of  1775-1776

Not to far after this sign we turned around and headed back. We came to a spot
where we would have had to ride up the wash to continue. We could see
vehicles on the other side but decided not to do it. Now we realize, having
read the brochure more fully, we should have parked, gotten out, 
and walked up the hill. Since, that is probably were the palm grove is.
Something to do next time we come this way.

There are a lot of  ocotillos in this area.
I took the one on the bottom right on our way out. It was the first time
we had ever seen a sign in the desert telling us the way out.

My favorite ocotillo of the day.

"Enjoy this moment
for this moment 
is your life."


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful outing to the canyon. great pictures.

    1. We did enjoy the ride and I loved all the ocotillos.

  2. Glad you made the drive out to the creek. Beautiful area. There are three crossings before you get to the rocky hill overlooking the valley. Your vehicle would go through all three with no problem. It is shallow unless we get a lot of rain this weekend.

    1. Good to know for next time. Tom just wasn't sure about taking the jeep down that creek. Plus, now I do not feel as bad about not parking and walking up the hill we turned around at.