Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Last Day in Borrego Springs

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I was up early as I did not want to miss the sunrise and this morning's did not disappoint. Tom was up not long after and in no time he was handing me a hot cup of coffee to enjoy with the show the clouds were putting on out our window.

The colors were beautiful. Looking across the way it looked like the clouds
had settled at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Looking west it looked like a rainbow was shooting out of the mountain tops.
If you would like to see a great picture of this (click here) Patsy calls  it
a sun dog and her picture shows off the colors wonderfully.

The morning sun reflecting on the Stinger B

As the sun warmed the air the clouds reached up from the
floor of the desert and covered the mountains.

The mist crept across the desert floor threatening to envelop us all. 

It stopped short and receded back to the mountains.

The colors of the desert floor were so vivid this morning.

The clouds back at the base of the mountains.
They rose up once more, after this, to touch the sky
before they faded in the sun's warmth. 

Tom and I had finished our coffee by now and where talking about what we would do with our day. When I read something on Patsy's comments about their neighbors, the Green's, leaving this morning and if we wanted to see them we should stop by, by 8:30. Since, it was 8:20 when I read this Tom and I got ourselves ready and we walked over to Patsy and Bill's where the plan was to have a "Morning Happy Hour". We spent an enjoyable time visiting and sharing stories. So glad we had this opportunity, we had met Lorne and Sue briefly at the 2016 Bloggerfest, this gave us a chance to learn a little bit about them. Plus, we got to meet their daughter, granddaughter, and friends Harold and Pat. 

Left to Right: Harold, Kaitlyn (Sue & Lorne's daughter), Lorne, Sue,
 Myself, Tom's empty chair, Patsy, Pat.
In the center Kaitlyn's daughter Gracie. (She is a cutie.)

Right to Left: Bill, Pat, Patsy, Tom's chair, myself, Sue.

Walking back to the Stinger B the shadows
cast a beautiful blackness to the mountains.

There are metal sculptures by Ricardo Breceda scattered in the desert around Borrego Springs. There were a few we still had not seen so we headed out to do just that. (What I am planning to do, after I go through all the pictures Tom and I have taken, is one blog post on just the sculptures.)

More mountain views on our way over to take some pictures of
Ricardo Breceda's metal sculptures.

We had heard there was a serpent in the desert with the tail of
a rattlesnake. Today we found him.

The sunset and clouds in the east.

Tom getting tonight's campfire ready.

Bill walking over from their home on wheels. He is carrying two chairs
so Patsy must be braving the wind and cold to join us. Elaine and Clark
pulled up at the same time.

Clark took what he calls a Usie and was nice enough to send us a copy.
Left to Right: Clark, myself, Tom, Elaine, Patsy, and Bill's hand. 

It was a lovely evening spending time in this circle; unfortunately, the weather did not co-operate. It turned colder and the wind would not give up and after about 90 minutes, or so, we decided to say our good nights.

"Spending time collecting moments 
is a perfect way to spend a day."


  1. Nice that you had a fun time there, meeting up with new people.

  2. We loved the time spent with you two and hope the friendship to be lifetime too!

    1. Tom and I are looking forward to a lifelong friendship with you and Bill.
      Looking forward to reading about your continued adventures.
      Stay safe.

  3. Great looking pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Borrego Springs. Have a safe trip to your new home.