Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Quick Visit To Tombstone

February 5, 2017

Yesterday evening we took a ride over to Tombstone for Mass at Sacred Heart Church. We love attending Mass here; it is a lovely little church and the parishioners are very welcoming. I wrote a little about the parish's history in a previous post. Sacred Heart Church

Main Altar

Left Side Altar

Right Side Altar 

Baptismal Font

The church looked so festive with all the beautiful red poinsettia plants decorating the sanctuary. Father mentioned how it was the first time saying Mass back in the church since they had finished installing the new flooring. They had been having Masses in the original church building while it was being done, which now serves as their church hall,. We talked to one parishioner who said it was too bad we had not been there the week before as it was a beautiful experience attending Mass in that building.

After Mass we went over to Big Nose Kate's Saloon for dinner. The other two times we ate there it was for lunch and the entertainment was a lone "cowboy" singing and we enjoyed listening to him. Last night it was a younger group and though they were good it was very loud. We did enjoy our food and certainly would go back but probably for lunch.

Today was mostly spent getting ready to leave in the morning. While Tom was putting away things, checking our tire pressures, etc...etc... I drove over to Sierra Vista to stock up on a few supplies and get Tom a new phone. I was hoping it was his battery but no the battery was fine it was the phone. In fact, the young man explained, if we keep it in the old phone and keep charging it we will have a spare battery.

Since, our appointment at Lazydays is at 8:30 we want to be on the road between 6:30 and 7:00. Tom has already apologized to our neighbors for the morning noise when we start up to leave. Hopefully, everything goes well tomorrow and we will be doing some boon docking in the desert this week. If not, then we will deal with it and re-adjust our plans.

"One of the happiest moments in life
is when you find the courage
to let go of what you can't change."


  1. Love BNK's for lunch have been there many times. don't like it too noisy though.
    Good luck at Lazy Daze and hope you can get some boon docking in soon.

    1. Thank you and as luck would have it we were in and out in about 4 hours. Everything was taken care of and we are going to be checking out the area by Ajo that the Bayfield Bunch gave very good directions to tomorrow.