Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moving On

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Monday, February 20, 2017

We were both up early this morning as it would be our last sunrise in this wonderful place filled with memories we will carry down the road with us. Tom started the coffee while I stepped outside to take pictures of the sun coming up. I always have such mixed feelings about packing up and leaving a place we love and this has been one of those places. It has been special being parked here but at the same time we are both anxious to be moving on to new adventures.

I caught the sunrise between our home and Patsy and Bill's home on wheels.

The sun reflecting off the Stinger B.
There is a look of softness to the desert in the morning light. 

I always love watching the shadows crawl across the desert floor as the
sun slowly rises over the horizon.
Standing here I can see Elaine and Clark's flag fluttering over their
Newell in the distance.  They are just left of the shadows.

After drinking our coffee it was time to start getting ready to roll our wheels. We each have a list of things we take care of then we sit down and go over the list checking each one off to make sure everything is done and secured. Usually at this point Tom starts the engine and I get out and check that all our lights are working and the wheels on the Jeep are rolling. This morning before we did this we walked over to say "see you later" to Patsy, Bill and there little dog Clemson. We are looking forward to following their blogs, Chilin' with Patsy & On Our Way, reading about their future adventures, and crossing paths again in the future.

My Valentine's Day Roses from Tom.
 I always hate throwing them in the garbage so today I left
them here with the remnants of last night's campfire.
Two good memories.

The lights are checked, the engine is running and Tom just asked me
where I was going. ( Actually, he yelled out the window so I could hear.)
I wanted one last picture before we left.

Pulling out onto S22 and heading east.
Top photo: The Santa Rosa Mountains, our patio view these past 10 days.

Some views out the front windshield of our ride on S22.

Turning north on California 86  and on our right we can see
the Salton Sea in the distance.

Crossing back into Arizona.
Bottom left we can see Quartzsite in the distance.
This will be our stop for tonight.


  1. Nice to get back on the road again, travel safe and have too much fun.

    1. It is nice to be moving on to new adventures but always a little sad to leave a wonderful place behind.
      Stay safe.

  2. We will be following your adventures, hoping our paths cross again. Take care and be safe.

  3. My sister pulled in just south of the firepit and we talked about the roses in there. :) Bill and I think either you were into the wine when you wrote your post or were turned backwards. We saw you go EAST on S22 and you would have turned NORTH onto 86 towards the Salton Sea. Sorry! We just thought it was comical. Until we meet again!

    1. Do not be sorry, I am so glad you caught that. (My proof reader totally missed it, I guess I need to write the blog before Happy Hour...:).
      Stay safe.