Saturday, February 18, 2017

Meeting Our Neighbors and Taking Care of Business

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The weather forecast for Friday was wind and rain; Saturday's forecast was for rain.  So knowing we would need to dump and take on fresh water soon and not wanting to do this in the rain let alone wind we decided today was the day. This is the first real boondocking we have done in the Stinger B and we are getting a feel for how things will go.  It is a learning process and we know we could have done better with conserving our water and tanks but at the same time we were happy with 7 days.   Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which is close by, is where we took care of business. The cost which is $9.00, $10.00 if you are under 62, is not a bad deal.

As we were slowly getting things ready to take the short ride over to the park our neighbors Pat (Chillin' with Patsy), and Bill, (On Our Way)  Richards, stopped by for a quick hello. They were on their way to check out the Sultan Sea and noticed Tom outside. We introduced ourselves, spoke briefly, said see you later, and they were off.

After we got back, I made a quick trip back into Borrego Springs for a couple of grocery items, then we decided it was time to sit out and enjoy a little relaxation. We had not been out long when we were very happy to see them walking toward us carrying their chairs. We had such a nice time sitting out and chatting with them. We shared adventures, and learned about some new places to explore. It was fun getting to know a little bit about them and what always seems the case when you are enjoying the company of nice people the time flew by. Hope we have at least on more opportunity to enjoy their company before we all take off on our continuing adventures.

Tom, Pat, and Bill

A last bit of sunlight before it slipped behind the mountains.

The sun turning the clouds in the west a lovely shade of pink
as it sinks in the east.

" Happiness in enjoying each moment for what it is,
not for what it could be or should be."


  1. Nice that you got to chat with Bill and Patsy, they are a super couple. With lotsa practice we can go 14 day boon docking now before we need to dump and fill.

    1. We will need more practice but for now we will be happy with 7 days.

  2. Great to meet you two as well, sometimes you just click, right? and we did. It also depends on the size of your tanks and how much you want to skimp on usage as to how long you can go without dumping etc.

  3. Glad you had a chance to meet Bill and Patsy. They are a Fun Loving and Helpful couple and like you said they just Click.
    Being "Off the Grid" has really changed the way we conserve our resources.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Not being hooked up to water certainly makes you think about what you can do to conserve.