Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday Market at Christmas Circle, Fonts Point, and Inspiration Wash

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Friday, February 17, 2017

We missed this morning's sunrise but sitting out on our patio, drinking coffee, and watching beautiful clouds touching the tops of the mountains is not a bad way to start the day. Bill from On Our Way walked over to share some interesting information. Yesterday evening when they were leaving our place a motor home pulled in and parked, what looked like from our angle, pretty close to them. Well it turned out to be people they knew, Lorne and Sue Green A Place Called "Away" . It is a small world.

Morning Clouds

Market at Christmas Circle

Our first stop this morning was at the Friday market. We walked up just as Patsy and Bill were leaving. We stopped for a moment to chat then they were on their way and we continued on to check out the stands. It is a small market with some fresh vegetables, oranges, baked goods, cheese and humus, and there was a food vender. We did pick up a some fresh broccoli, kale, and a couple of oranges. 

There was even live music under the pavilion.

Fonts Point

After dropping our purchases off at the Stinger B we decided to take a ride out to Fonts Point. I had read this was a excellent place to view the Borrego Badlands.

The ride to and from viewing site.

We walked up this hill after reading the above information.
Below is what we saw at the top of the hill.

Here we are taking pictures of this magnificent view. 

There is another overlook, which looked like it had more signs with information about the area. We started up but by now it was getting pretty windy and we decided we had "ate" enough sand and would save it for next time.

The view as we turned down the road to leave.

I took this just before we turned off down the road below.
This is what we thought all the desert in the southwest would look like.

We headed off down this road not sure where we were headed but after a
little bit there was another turn off that we were pretty sure would bring
us back to S22.

Spotted a lonely little Teddy Bear Cholla.

We can see what we are pretty sure is S22 in the distance.

And it was.

Inspiration Wash

Seeing this sign we decided to take a short ride in and see where it would go. 

The further in we went the narrower it seemed to be getting. Not far after
 this  picture we found a place to turn around and headed back out.
 We really would like to drive and explore further but we will do that next
time we are here. When they are not predicting high winds and rain.

We can see our home in the distance.

The clouds were amazing all day. 

 Evening Clouds

Looking East as the sunset behind us.

Each day is a little lifetime,
enjoy every moment.


  1. Another fun day out and about the badlands are pretty amazing. so much different desert scenery.

    1. Every time we turned a corner there was more to see. The views never seem to end.

  2. Your pictures are great! Thank you for sharing the Font's Point view and Inspiration Wash. We love the Badlands.

    1. Thank you, next time we will flip the back seats up in the Jeep and the four of us will go out and find the road that brings us right down into the badlands.