Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why AZ to Ogilby Road in California

February  9, 2017

We started the day later then we planned. Our way out was blocked by a vehicle and there was a sign on the door asking that they not be disturbed before 10 o’clock. By the time that was resolved and we pulled down the road, to a flat area, to hook up the car it was after 10:30 when we finally headed north on Arizona 85.
Our original plan was to stay longer and do some boondocking. We did check out two areas, Darby Well Road and Gunsight Wash, and liked both places for different reasons. Next time we are in this area we hope to be parked at one of these two places.  After talking it over we decided what we really wanted to do was check out the Borrego Springs area. As I write this, two days later, we are parked on Rockhouse Canyon  Road just east of Borrego Springs, CA.
One of the best things about this life style is we can change our mind and change the view out our window anytime the mood hits us.

Traveling North on Arizona 85

Passing by New Cornelia mine, an inactive open pit copper mine,
just south of Ajo. The tailings from the mine are piled high just across the road.

A familiar sight and question, are you both United States Citizens.

Our first stop was at the Holt Shell in Gila Bend for diesel. After filling up we parked to have lunch. When we finished lunch we pointed the nose of the Stinger B west on I-8.

Not our first time at the Holt Shell, always like to take one picture of
the dinosaurs for the grandchildren.

Going over Telegraph Pass just before Yuma.
(Yes, the windshield is very dirty.) 

We can see Yuma in the distance.

We have crossed into California.

We ended up only making two stops, the one at Holt Shell and this one just off Ogilby Road.  Where we parked for the night on the American Girl Mine Road.

Our first official boondocking site with the Stinger B.

Our Happy Hour View.
I believe we are looking at the Cargo Muchacho Mountains

Watching the sun go down on a perfect day.

"Better to see something once,
Than to hear about it a thousand times."
~Asian Proverb


  1. Gotta love being back in the desert wide open spaces. I thought I saw your rig parked across the street yesterday then gone and, Up top on Rock House road spotted it again. Enjoy the area.

  2. We will. Sorry we missed you, wish we would have known you were right across the road, we would have really liked to have sat and visited with you for a bit. Hope to see you and Suzie sometime down the road.
    Safe travels.