Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Parked in the Salome KOA

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When we left Borrego Springs yesterday we planned on stopping in Indio at the Walmart, unhooking the Jeep, doing some grocery shopping, checking out Trader Joe's, and stopping at Walgreens to pick up a couple of prescriptions. Well we all know what the say about "plans". Instead we turned onto
 I-10 and just kept going. I am not sure either one of us knows why we made the decision we did; maybe the traffic or maybe we just did not feel like shopping. Anyway, we will drive into Buckeye today and do the shopping we had planned to do in Indio, except for Trader Joe's we will stop there when we drive over to Phoenix Thursday.

We did not want to drive to far out for one night and knew about the Scaddan Wash so we decided to park there. Not a great choice, it is close to I-10 and the traffic is pretty steady, but for one night we could live with it.
After we parked and unhooked the Jeep we took a ride over to LaPosa South. We are planning on spending a couple of weeks there and wanted to see if the spot we like to park in was open. This is just our third year parking out at LaPosa South and the first year we found an area a ways out we like. The first year we could barely see our neighbors except for one other small RV way at the other end of the pad. Then last year there was one other RV on the same pad but we could see other neighbors a couple of  pads over. This year when we checked it out we found  three other RV's on the same pad but our space was there so fingers crossed no one shows up before Saturday and parks in it. Everyone is still parked a good distance apart but it is strange to see how many more RVer's have found there way out there.
The main reason we stopped in Quartzsite on our way to Salome was to pick up our mail. Knowing we would be coming this way towards the end of February we had our daughter send it to the Quartzsite post office a couple of weeks ago. That way it would be waiting for us instead of us stuck somewhere waiting for it to show up. You cannot pick up general delivery at this post office before 11 o'clock so we just took our time getting ready to leave in the morning. Besides we only had about 37 miles to go to reach our destination.

Managed to get this shot through my side window as Tom turned on the road.
There is a screen on the window which is why it looks somewhat distorted.

A short ride on I-10.

Then we turned onto Arizona 60. 

We are parked in a full hookup site for four nights. As I write this I am on my 4th load of laundry. The nice part it is only costing us $20 for the four nights we will be here. When we bought the Stinger B we received 14 free days of camping at Thousand Trails/Encore Parks and at this park for an extra $5 per night we could get a Premium 50 amp pull thru site so we are splurging.

We will be taking care of household chores during this time but should be able to get in some relaxation and a couple of Jeep rides.

"Travel is at its most rewarding 
when it ceases to be about reaching a destination
and becomes indistinguishable
from living your life."
                                                               ~Paul Theroux


  1. Scaddan Wash was just up the road from where we were. After dumping our tanks in La Posa South this morning we are now in Phoenix. One of these days our paths will cross. Maybe next winter.
    Enjoy the luxuries of the park.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. As much as we like boon docking out in the desert every once and a while it is nice to have unlimited water and electricity. We will be enjoying our time here.

  2. Just wondering if you were informed about the towing harness for the Jeep?

    1. Yes, we knew about needing the towing harness installed. The car dealership we purchased the Jeep from, after they knew we would be towing the jeep, installed it free of charge.
      We do appreciate you asking, thank you.

  3. Glad you arrived safely, enjoy your time there and safe travels.

  4. Glad you have settled somewhere for a few nights. A good time to catch up on chores. We have laundry to do in the morning here at the park and Bill needs an oil change in Yuma as well.

    1. Yes, it will be nice to have everything clean for awhile. Plus unlimited water for showers is pretty nice. Enjoy your time where you are.
      Stay safe.

  5. I guess you're safely in the Phoenix area now. Enjoy your stay. If you can, be sure to drive out to Tonopah and turn South and go to Saddleback Mountain. Just a beautiful place to jeep around in.

  6. We will be back tracking to Quartzsite on Sunday for awhile. Not ready to head any farther east just yet.
    Last year we spent sometime at the Saddle Mountain RV park in Tonopah and you are right it is a beautiful area. Now that we have the Jeep we would like to get back there; we could never go that far out with the truck.
    Continued safe travels.