Friday, February 17, 2017

Julian, Mission Santa Ysabel, and A Field of Metal Sculptures

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Today's goal was to enjoy lunch and a piece of apple pie in Julian and we did just that. We took S3 south out of Borrego Springs and connected to Highway 78 going west which brought us into Julian. We decided on the Julian Cafe and Bakery for lunch and a slice of apple pie and we enjoyed both. We then took a short walk around and stopped at the Julian Pie Co. to buy an apple pie which we will be enjoying for several more days. Leaving Julian we continued on Highway 78 until we came to Highway 79 which we took to Aguanga, California. We had read on Doug's blog, Miss Adventure Travels, that this is were Ricardo Breceda, the sculptor who made the sculptures out in the desert around Borrego Springs, sells his work. On the way there we also stopped at the Mission Santa Ysabel which he had also mentioned in his blog.
After spending some time looking at his sculptures and speaking with Ricardo Breceda we headed back to Borrego Springs.  (He was walking around, greeting everyone, handing out his card, chatting with people, talking about his work, and asking if we had any questions. I talked to him briefly and said he loves what he does.)
We headed back on Highway 79 turned on High Point Rd, then onto San Felipe Rd, and finally onto Montezuma Valley Rd which brought us down into Borrego Springs. The entire ride there and back was filled with twists, turns, and beautiful scenery around every corner. During our ride we went from 597 feet above sea level in Borrego Springs to 4,226 feet above in Julian and back down again.

On S3

We can see Highway 78 in the distance.

 Highway 78

Not sure why the word "snow" was crossed off. 

We did see more than the Julian Pie Company when we walked around. Next time we need to take more pictures.

Mission Santa Ysabel (Church of Saint John the Baptist)

Mission Santa Ysabel was a sub-mission of Mission San Diego de Alcalá. It was established in 1818 as a means of serving people who had a hard time getting to San Diego. There is nothing left of the original asistencia however in 1924 the San Ysabel chapel was dedicated and sits near the site of the original adobe. (Information from Mission


Top Photo Three of the Stations of the Cross.
Grotto of the Virgin Mary

The Santa Ysabel Cemetery 

Veterans Memorial 
Memorial honoring Indian Veterans of Santa Ysabel
of World War I & II and Vietnam.

Highway 79

We pulled into a sandy parking lot and in front of us were several rows of these large metal sculptures. There are smaller ones scattered about and even smaller ones on some shelves all for sale. Plus, he has metal wall hangings available to purchase.

There is even fringe on the window curtains.

The details are amazing.

We left with our own little worker ant. 

Made a quick stop to take a picture of this guy.

On our way down to Borrego Springs.

We are back down on the Valley Floor

At the Mission Santa Ysabel


  1. That is a wonderful tour glad you were able to check things out and the pie, oh so good.

    1. It is great pie and we still have a couple of pieces to enjoy.

  2. What a beautiful wrap up of your day on Wednesday. Love the picture collages, I might have to learn to do that as I take way too many pictures. Love your little worker ant.

  3. Thank you. He is a cute little ant.
    I had said the same thing and I just had a friend on Facebook tell me there is no such thing as to many

  4. I agree with Patsy about the pictures in little collages as a nice way to display them. Looking forward to meeting you hopefully tomorrow.

  5. Your grandsons would LOVE this place. The dinosaur statues would have been a big hit

    1. I am sure they would have enjoyed seeing all of it...there would have been a lot of running around.