Saturday, February 4, 2017

Re-Visiting the Coronado National Memorial

February 3, 2017

Second of two posts:

This was our second visit to the Coronado National Memorial. The first time was in November 2015. (read post here) After visiting the Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine we decided to take a ride up to Montezuma Pass and enjoy the view once again.

We are now on gravel. 
The sign we passed said: unpaved narrow mountain road ahead.

Looking back down at the road we just came up.

Views when we reached Montezuma Pass.

The border patrol is present. This is the only truck today.
Last time we were here they had two of these trucks parked in this lot.

We are know headed back down, which is a new and exciting experience, and the views are fantastic. Last time we continued on through the Coronado National Forest. (read post here) That road was also a narrow mountain road.

We are know down off the mountain road and on our way out of the Memorial.

Coronado National Memorial: This memorial has no statue or landmark. Instead, the Memorial is 4,750 acres of land--the largest Memorial in the National Park system. The park memorializes the first major expedition of Europeans into the American Southwest lead by Francisco Vasuez de Coronado.  Interestingly enough, the expedition did not go through the area that is memorialized. They picked this area because of the beautiful views of the San Pedro Valley.
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  1. That is a beautiful memorial. Never been there, but will put it on my list for next year. Beautiful pictures of the area.

  2. Thank you, and it is a beautiful area.