Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why, Arizona

February 6, 2017

We are parked at Coyote Howls Park in Why, Arizona. Tomorrow we will be checking out some boon docking sites that Al of the Bayfield Bunch very nicely described the location of. Wednesday we should be parked out under the stars and we will be assessing how good of a boon docker the Stinger B is.

Our view out the front windshield, as we turned onto
Arizona 82 for about a half mile.

Turning north onto Arizona 90 the sky was a lovely shade of pink .

Border Patrol checkpoint, our first stop of the day.
One question: Are you both US Citizens?

The Whetstone Mountains are a lovely golden color
as the sun hits them as we drive north.

It is hard to make it out in the picture. There were rays of light 
that seemed to be coming up from the ground
reaching up through the clouds as we drove west on I-10 towards Tucson.

Spotted our first Saguaro of 2017.

We arrived at Lazydays in Tucson and parked in the service check in line at 8:20AM. Within 4 hours everything that needed to be fixed on the Stinger B was done.
Note: Just like at Lazydays in Seffner, FL, today we were efficiently and quickly taken care of. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and more then willing to answer all the questions we had. We could tell from the get go their goal was to take care of us, get it done right, and get us back on the road as quickly as possible. Thank you, Lazydays.

Our second Border Patrol Checkpoint, this time on Arizona 86.
Even though we had to slow down driving through the speed bumps they were
only checking the traffic going east.

Yes, I am more then willing to admit it, I love the Saguaro in all its  majesty. I took a lot of pictures as we drove west on Arizona 86 but I will only force these on you today.

That little ribbon of road in the distance turned before the mountains.
We were on it as far as you can see in the picture and beyond.

A saguaro, here in the park, as the sun sets this evening..

"Heaven is under our feet
as well as over our heads."


  1. We enjoyed that area last year and stayed at Gunsight Wash, will be back that way this spring again. Good luck with you book docking and enjoy the area. Organ Pipe Nat park is very interesting to explore. Did you get your convection oven to work with the genny?

    1. We checked out Darby Wells Rd today lots of nice sites we could fit into but they all were taken. Thank you for mentioning Gunsight Wash we are going to check it out tomorrow and see if we can get in there.
      Have not tried running the convection oven yet with the generator but we did ask about it and they said the same thing you did it should run it.

  2. If you like Saguaros, you will get your fill on Darby Well Road, just about 10 miles north of you. Enjoy your boondocking time while there. Loved your pictures. Never get tired of pictures of the Southwest!

    1. We road the length of Darby Well Road today, plus, Bates Well Rd and you are so right about the Saguaros. Though I do not think I will ever tire of seeing them or the Ocotillos.