Monday, February 13, 2017


February 11, 2017

Today started with us watching the sunrise. The colors started out really bright when the sun was still behind the mountains but became muted by the time it peeked over.

The mountains in the west caught some nice light as the sun rose a little higher.

Doug and, his dog, Yuma, Miss Adventure Travels, walked over to introduce themselves this morning. We thought it was them parked just past us so I made a comment on his blog mentioning this. When he read it he decided to come over and say hello. Glad we had the opportunity to chat for a bit. Plus, we appreciated his input on a couple of jeep rides he thought we would enjoy. Hope to see them down the road again. 

Waving goodbye as they head off on their next adventure.

We took a short drive to check out the area. In every direction the views
are beautiful. There were mountains and white fluffy clouds all around us.

Pretty sure this is the Texas Dip the sign mentioned a 9% grade ahead.

These mountains look like marshmallow fluff just landed on them.

We attended mass at St. Richard Catholic Church in Borrego Springs. It is a lovely church and the parishioners were very welcoming.
According to the church's history page, fundraising for the mission began in 1952 and construction began in the summer of 1953. It was built largely by volunteers and financial support was provided by the sixteen catholic families living in Borrego and by many others in the community. Originally it was to be called the de Anza Catholic mission, named for Juan Bautista de Anza, the early Spanish explorer who traversed the Borrego Valley in 1774 and 1775. This name was short lived and on April 25, 1954 the Most Reverend Charles F, Buddy, Bishop of the San Diego Diocese, dedicated the new worship space St. Richard Catholic Church.

Behind the crucifix is a stained glass window added in 2001.
The upper right is a memorial created in honor of A.A. Burnand, Jr.,
the"father" of Borrego Springs. It is located in front of the church.
 (He donated the land the church was built on.)
Middle right is a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe inside the church.
Bottom right is shrine honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. A cemetery surrounds
this shrine and cremains of many of the parishioners have been placed there.

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want,
but the realization of how much you already have."


  1. Enjoy the area, so much to see and do or just enjoy the weather and scenery.

  2. Thank you for the mention. That is a beautiful little church with a neat history. So glad you are enjoying your stay.

    1. You are welcome. It is a beautiful little church and tomorrow we hope to find Santa Ysabel Mission that you visited and posted about.